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Seaside Dining At Home


Continuing our Memories of Sea and Sand Event, co-hosted by The Good Home Company, who by combining natural ingredients with memory-inducing fine fragrances makes cleaning a luxurious and environmentally friendly experience. The ultimate in aromatherapy, all of their fragrances are made from biodegradable and natural ingredients, and are safe around your family & pets, as well as the environment.

Here are a few quick tips to beach-up your dining room table…
The Dining Room

We love our dining rooms. It is one room in the house where we can let our inner interior designers out to play every day. Changing tablecloths to placemats, napkins and centerpieces. The possibilities are endless. To make it an even more memorable sea-themed night follow these tips:

Feel free to use a lot of prints, but we suggest simplifying the color scheme. Choose one or two colors, preferably one bolder color and one subtle accent color, and layer on your color scheme with beach-themed dinnerware and tabletop décor. For example, we paired bold aqua plates with a warm tan tone-on-tone table runner to build on our sea and sand theme.

There are many colors of the sea; use other unexpected combinations like gold/brown and coral/gray for a more personalized look. Then, layer on the design by adding glasses and silverware or other accessories with sea-themed engravings, embossing or prints. Ocean Offerings makes creating beach-themed dinners simple and beautiful with this Brown Shell Table Runner ($44), Seashore AP Wine Glasses ($49) and Seashell Flatware ($35).

Build on ambiance by engaging other senses. Wash the table linens with Beach Days laundry detergent ($25) and hand wash all dinnerware with Beach Days dish soap ($12.50) before and after for a delicate oceanic fragrance that won’t overwhelm guests.


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