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Lamps Add Style & Character To A Room

Blue Sea Shells Lamp

Lamps do more than brighten a room, they should reflect your style and personality.

Adding a new lamp is just one way you can revitalize a space – lamps come in all sizes, shapes and colors. And they don’t have to all match, mix them up for an exciting, eclectic look.

When choosing a lamp, be sure to consider the intensity of light you want in your room – do you want to brighten a dark corner or create a warm glow? Adding a dimmer switch will ensure you set the mood for any time of day or occasion. A light colored shade will give off more light than a darker shade.

Utilize a lamp as a decorative accent by placing them in unusual places such as the kitchen counter, vanity or bookcase.

Move lamps from room to room for a different look. Instead of using your side table for a lamp, move the table lamp to another room, add a floor lamp next to your sofa or chair and use your table for a big bouquet of flowers or bowl of shells.

Driftwood Floor LampOar Lamp

Introduce a new color into your room. Coast Lamp utilizes the most amazing and fun colors for their lamps. And the best part is you can design your own lamp and shade!

Fishing Rod LampFish Lamp

Simply changing the shade can make an old lamp new.


Pick a lamp that you love – that represents a passion. You will feel great every time you look at it!

Rainbow Trout Lamp Sailboats Chandelier


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