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i Love Shelling

i Love Shelling
For years we vacationed on North Captiva, a beautiful island with the best shelling. My shell collection brings back so many wonderful memories! Some of my favorite shells are the shark’s eye, tulip, olive and of course the rare lion’s paw. What are your favorites?

Pam Rambo’s i Love Shelling is a fantastic resource for anyone with a passion for shelling and I think we would all agree with her, “Shells are nature’s treasures, and shelling is a great treasure hunt.”

Her blog includes great shelling tips, photographs, craft ideas and more! Be sure to add it to your favorites.

Pam’s favorite words to live by are “It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny to have a taste for collecting shells than to be born a millionaire!” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

I especially love Pam’s shelling tip #8:


SMELL the salt in the air.

FEEL the sand on your toes.

LISTEN to Beach Sounds by Mother Nature.

LOOK at the seascapes and seashells.



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