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Give focus to any setting, indoors or out!

Conch Wall TileEnduring beauty, our sea life wall tiles give focus and visual pleasure to any setting, indoors or out.

The June 2010 issue of Good Housekeeping magazine displayed these wonderful sea life tiles on a mantel, turning a fireplace into a fabulous focal point!

Our home and garden ornaments are original designs, inspired from trips to the beach, as well as from classical forms of ancient and modern history.

Each has a surface patina cast in, which adds a unique richness and depth to the finished piece.

Available in 4 colors: green/verdigris, yellow ocher, sand and terra-cotta.

Available designs include: conch, lobster, blue crab, fish, seahorse, scallop shell, mackerel, trout, horseshoe crab and more!

Be creative! Mix together different sized tiles and these wonderful sea life tiles aren’t just for hanging on a wall, they can be set into a wall or other architectural location such as a mantle, gate, trim, moldings, etc.

Smaller tiles are also available at


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