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Create A Nautical Style

Inspired by sailing and boating, the nautical style has been a long-time favorite look for any home, near the water or far away. Bright colors mixed with brass and bronze gives an authentic nautical touch to your decor.

Below are a few decorative accessories that will give your home a nautical flair:


Raise the sails and be inspired by the sea!

Wooden Sailboat With Quotes

Source: Ocean Offerings


Either electric or oil, brass yacht lamps are an elegant touch to any room in your home or boat.

brass lamp

Source: Ocean Offerings


Bring Maritime’s colorful history into your home with signal flags, no matter where you live!

Do you know how signal flags are used? Signal flags are used to communicate messages:

  • Each flag spells an alphabetic message, letter by letter.
  • Individual flags have specific and standard meanings, for example, diving support vessels raise the “A” flag indicating they have a diver underwater.
  • In yacht racing flags have other meanings. For example, the P flag is used as the “preparatory” flag to indicate an imminent start.

Source: Wikipedia

Personalized Nautical Flag Clock

Source: Ocean Offerings

Nautical Signal Flags

Source: Ocean Offerings


Be transported to that favorite coastal area… Maybe it is your favorite fishing or cruising area – where you went on a fabulous vacation – or where you dream of going. A framed nautical chart is a fantastic addition to any home! Hang it in your family room, office or den and everytime you look at it, dream!

Framed Nautical Chart

Source: Ocean Offerings


Accurately predict your local weather with just a glance. Although Barometers are scientific instruments and you see them in schools, hospitals and offices, they are a functional and decorative piece in any home!  They come in all styles including the elegant tendency barometer featured below.


Source: Ocean Offerings


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