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Beach Etiquette

Beach Etiquette

Take only good memories… leave only footprints.

Did we miss any?

  1. Don’t get too close. Place your beach paraphernalia at least 10-15 feet from others and don’t block the view for others.
  2. Remember the tide when you select your spot. If you are too close to the water you may have to move to another location.
  3. Voices carry so be aware of how loud you and your kids are. And keep your radio volume to a minimum. Remember not everyone may like your music.
  4. Pay attention to the wind direction when securing your umbrella. Insert it at an angle, into the wind. You don’t want the wind catching it, underneath.
  5. Another reason to pay attention to the wind. Don’t just stand up and shake your beach towels. Your neighbors may not be happy having sand blown on them.
  6. Be aware of how you behave in the water. Look out for others if splashing, dunking and engaging in horseplay.
  7. No smoking. Wind can carry smoke quite a distance.
  8. Do not feed the seagulls.
  9. Try not to walk too close to people if you are wearing flip flops. And try to keep the kids from running in the sand. Both will likely send sand onto other people’s towels.
  10. Don’t leave the babysitting to someone else. Make sure to keep an eye on your children at all times.
  11. Play beach games away from the crowds.
  12. Respect all wildlife and environmentally fragile areas. Never take live shells.
  13. Don’t litter. Be sure to pick up when you leave the beach – leave it the way you found it.
  14. No foul language.
  15. No glass on the beach. Use plastic or paper.
  16. Be considerate. Many people go to the beach to relax and are looking for peace and tranquility.

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